Dr. Alexander Max Bauer


Philosopher • Scholar • Scientist

Check Me, Replicate Me

Everybody makes mistakes. Sometimes, this happens unnoticed. And sometimes, it doesn’t even matter. But there are some areas where it’s particularly troublesome when we do so. And science, I think, is one such area. Luckily for us, science (and philosophy, I might add) is a collaborative enterprise. And uncovering mistakes is an integral part of it. In this spirit, I invite you to check and replicate my work. To help you with this, I maintain repositories containing essential files (i.e., primarily data and analysis files) for research projects where I am first or corresponding author.

Check My Work

Inspired by Gilad Feldman,1 I offer to pay you a bounty for every minor or major error you find in my preprinted and published work. Definitions and rules are taken from the websites of Gilad Feldman and Stuart Ritchie.

As both Gilad Feldman and Stuart Ritchie note, they “have to be objective errors – not matters of opinion or interpretation.” All errors found in my preprinted and published work will be collected in a separate section of this website.

Replicate My Work

Should you be interested in replicating my work, there are a few things I do to make this as easy as possible for you:

  1. Gilad Feldman got the idea from Stuart Ritchie, who himself adapted it from Ruben Arslan, José Luis Ricón, and the Knuth Reward Check