Dr. Alexander Max Bauer


Philosopher • Scholar • Scientist

Hi, my name’s Max. I’m a research associate at the University of Oldenburg’s Department of Philosophy. If you want to know more about me, feel free to take a look at my

Most of this information can also be found bundled in my curriculum vitae, of which you can find the most recent version in English here and in German here. If that’s not enough, you may also be interested in taking a look at my

Still not enough? Visit The Experimental Philosophy Blog for the latest x-phi related news.

Inspired by Gilad Feldman, I invite you to check and replicate my empirical work. Of course, replies to my theoretical work are equally welcome.

By the way, the portrait to the left (or above, if you’re on a mobile device) was painted by the talented Spiceestew in the art style of Disco Elysium.

Areas of Specialization:
Experimental Philosophy, Need-Based Distributive Justice, Causation
Areas of Competence:
Digital Humanities, Distributive Justice, Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics
Areas of Interest:
Game Studies, Metaphilosophy, Philosophy of Language
Tools of Choice:
LaTeX, LimeSurvey, Stata, R, Python